Sous Chef’s & data??

A Chef’s Data-Driven Empire

Geoff Tracy couldn’t clone himself. But as his restaurant empire grew he did the next-best thing, creating a complex, data-driven system to ensure that his employees always do everything—from plating a salad to setting the dishwasher temperature—the Chef Geoff’s way.

I have not heard of a restaurant that used data effectively to run its business & so Chef Geoff was a huge surprise. Isn’t it amazing how large companies often hesitate to use data effectively & end up setting up a central analytics function which needs to fight turf wars to even enable them to get their hands on data? While at the same time a restaurant like Chef Goeff’s could so effectively use the data to enable its business.

Finally, it boils down to belief, are you ready to make changes in Operations basis what your data tells you. And it is always a Catch 22, unless you make the changes that data is telling you to, you can never prove what is more effective.

I read this interesting statement from D J Patil from Linked In

Data Jujitsu: the art of using multiple data elements in clever ways to solve iterative problems that, when combined, solve a data problem that might otherwise be intractable. It’s related to Wikipedia’s definition of the ancient martial art of jujitsu: “the art or technique of manipulating the opponent’s force against himself rather than confronting it with one’s own force.”

I have seen that the strongest data-driven organizations all live by the motto “if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it”. And in such companies, the “data or analytics people” are embedded in the operations! Analytics may not even be a separate function; rather it is the way business is done!

Read this interesting story about Geoff Tracy & how he is building his restaurant business on data steroids!! Also remember that now with Social data streaming in, the possibilities are endless. If Geoff Tracy was to claim his business on FourSquare he would also get access to a whole bunch of Analytics dashboards from Foursquare telling him about his daily check-ins.

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